Sunday, May 31, 2009



I spent much of yesterday working in the studio and it was a good day. Some days, I go in and I putter-wash dishes, eat peanuts, and watch the construction out on Main Street- anything, anything but work. Why does that happen? It's not like I don't want to be there!

Yesterday wasn't like that. I had a lively student in the morning (which is always great fun) and worked steadily the rest of the time there. Had a nice break when Kelly (owns Arriba, the Mexican Restaurant downstairs) coaxed me out on the patio with a new menu item he's trying out- a breakfast-y, brunch-y Mexican concoction I would highly recommend you try when he puts it on the menu in a couple weeks.

I poked at a painting in progress. It's been on the easel for almost 2 months now (which is long for me!). Some days I just look at it. Others, I scrub something out or veil something in. It's vigorous and chunky- I may need to calm it down some, I don't know. Kristen liked the colors very much when she visited a while ago, so did Barbara. This gives me hope : )

I'm posting some newer art today- Portfolio 4 on the website ( The black and white piece is older. It's been on the wall in the studio for a while, left over from some exercise I was having a student do. I kept playing around with this one after the student had finished hers. I'm putting it up for fun. I'm not really expecting anyone to want to buy it (although, if you love it, by all means!). It's mostly for my own amusement. I'm also amazed by what looks like a very red painting once the photo was posted in P. 4. It's really more subdued than it looks- more of a flower mood. I will try to reshoot that later this week, see if I can't get a truer color match.

Check out the new page on the website for student artwork. It's a collection of art from the women in the class at Horizon Village. Their work is really lovely- I hope you enjoy it.

If you are coming to visit me at the studio, call first. The construction on Main Street does keep life interesting and if I know you are coming, I can guide you in your parking options. Never ever a dull moment!

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